Kid & Teen Friendly


We were all kids once & if we’re honest, probably wish we were again.
Why not check out what we’re offering for kids at Grace?

Kid’s Church is an important part of the family life of Grace church. Our programme is developed around bible-based themes and units that reflect the life, values, fun & teaching of Grace. Over the year we cover a wide range of topics and learning styles. At both Sunday services, children go and participate in groups that cater specifically for their age and level of understanding. We currently run 6 children’s groups at Grace, Our créches and Kidzones run concurrently with the message in our main services. XS Friday meets.. well, on Friday!


Créche For 0-3years, A parent’s co-operative aimed at taking good care of the little ones while Mum and Dad can tune in to the message on Sunday.



Créche for pre school kids aged 3 years+ just as above a parents co-operative with volunteers who engage the children through play and craft activities.


Splish Kidzone

Splish kidzone group is for children who are in the junior and senior infants cycle in school- aged approximately 5-7 years. A foundational level of teaching through various formats and styles to engage the minds and hearts of children in the great themes and people of the bible.


Splash Kidzone

Splash Kidzone is aimed at children in the 1st-3rd class of the primary school cycle or those aged 7-9 years. Fun and very engaging, it seeks to challenge the children through stories and various other formats to put themselves in the feet of faithful people of the bible, learning life lessons that stand the test of time.


XStream Kidzone

XStream is the pre-teen Kidzone and is for children in the 4th-6th class of the primary school cycle or those aged 10-11 years. Through XStream we aim to challenge the children to see how, the lessons they have learned throughout the previous cycles applies in their real life situations and we also aim to prepare them for the transition to Tribe Youth Group and the big bad world ofthe teenages!


XS Friday Club

Fun Faith and Friendship is the motto of our primary school aged XS Friday Club which takes place each Friday Night of the school year from 7:30-9:00pm. It does what it says on the tin, building Faith and Friendships mainly through fun and interaction with one another. We are seeking to develop a healthy peer group and circle of friends for Christian children that will support and build them up as they transition through the potentially tougher times ahead for them relationally. Its a little crazy, but a lot of fun!


Tribe is the youth ministry of Grace Christian Church. Is is aimed at all secondary school aged teenagers. See our main Tribe page for more details.

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